• Colonial Cook Off

    Great Colonial Cook Off

    an interactive, crowd-sourced culinary challenge

Quaking Pudding & Cackling Farts!

Join us as we re-discover the tastes & techniques of 17th century cooking. Each Friday (July 8 – August 19, 2023) we’ll post an original colonial recipe and challenge you to recreate it in your own kitchen.

Join The Fun!

With their bizarre ingredients, missing measurements, and directions only a goode huswife could follow, 17th century recipes are anything but simple. But don’t dismay! We make it easy for you to join in the fun.

Along with the original 17th century recipe, we’ll also post our best guess at a 21st century translation. Plus, back at the Colony of Avalon’s 17th century kitchen, Lori and Sarah (our Living History Interpreters) will be cooking right along with you. For the next six days, they’ll share their successes, failures and lessons learned via the Colony’s social media feeds and we’re hoping you’ll do the same. And to spur you on, we’re offering some great weekly and grand prizes.

Prizes, Prizes and More Prizes

At the end of each week, we’ll put every entry in a hat (or butter pot) and randomly draw a winner. But that’s just the start. All entries will also be added to our grand prize draw. Cook and post all 6 recipes and you’ll be automatically entered to win our bonus prize!

And just to keep things interesting…. Each week as our collective skills and confidence grow, the recipes will get just a little bit harder. So what are you waiting for? On you marks, get set …. uhh … dewte on be eggys?

The Recipes

  • We had a wonderful visit!

    We had a wonderful visit! Lulu and Lori were so knowledgeable and kind. The made us feel like family.
  • You aren’t done exploring NL if this isn’t on your list!

    Really knowledgeable + fun tour guides. you aren't done exploring NL, if this isn't on your list. We got a family pass which averaged out to $14 p/p which is amazing value- considering all the knowledge the tour guides would have learnt to present it in a easily digestiable way for tourists, well done!
  • I was fascinated by this history

    The Museum Center is very easy to get to just off the main road. The people are phenomenally polite. The museum admission price is reasonable and the staff has done an amazing job put together the history of the site. The combination of artefacts and document research shows a vibrant community of various faiths living together in a new land. As someone from Maryland I was fascinated by this history and the connection of Maryland to this place. Go - it is worth the time and energy.
  • Very cool active archaeological site

    Very cool active archaeological site with tons of interesting history on the settlement and power struggles of NFLD. Walking through the cobblestone paths was a treat, and the sweeping shorelines and waves are amazing to enjoy. Would recommend a visit for sure when travelling along the Irish loop!
  • One of the best places to visit…

    We completed the Irish Loop and stopped in for a visit to explore the artifacts and items on display. This was one of our best places to visit on the Irish Loop.
  • So fascinating!

    And the walk up to the lighthouse was worth it! The museum there, the ladies were very helpful and shared some very cool stories and full of knowledge! I’m jealous of where they live and their jobs. History is just so fascinating for this tiny little area on the planet, you won’t be let down by coming here just to see it first hand. It’s a small little museum but very interesting!
    Scott H.

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Last day for most of our team until next year. Saying goodbye to sunny days in the lab (at least for now ☀️).
We’re now closed for the season ✨ Thank you so much to our lovely staff and our visitors who made this year so memorable. We hope to see you next June!
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Uh oh, pirates and a colonist? We know how that story ends....
Recreating history here at the Newfoundland Ren Fair!
✨Come check us out at the Renaissance Fair this weekend! We have wares if you have coin ✨
We’ve got some lovely rocks being painted this colony day 🎨✨
Some finds (animal bones) from the defensive ditch. Do you think the tooth fairy takes late admissions 🧐✨