Rice Pancakes – Week 3 2023


How are we halfway through the Cook-Off already? There is still so much to do!

This week’s recipe is a fun one- Rice Pancakes. All of the joy of pancakes, with all the gluten free of rice (Celiacs can eat historically, too!) I personally suggest pairing this recipe with a good helping of fruit or a chunky marmalade, but that is just one person’s opinion.

Rice, rice, it’s very nice.

This week’s recipe comes to us from the book “Preserving on Paper: Seventeenth-Century Englishwomen’s Receipt Books” edited by Kristine Kowalchuk. The book is a collection of recipes, remedies, and useful tips for homemaking that have been collected and written down to help us understand domestic life in the 17th Century. Unfortunately, it is locked up behind a pay wall so I cannot link it here.

(Freakin’ Paywalls.)

But I digress. Rice Pancakes show up in multiple different regions of the globe, even making it to the America’s to be served for George Washington and his family in Mount Vernan! Klatkager is another form of rice pancakes popular in Scandinavia where you turn leftover rice into a pancake the next day. In the Philippines, rice pancakes are a common dessert item, much like the ones we will be making today! While rice was originally cultivated in what is now modern-day China, the plant itself has spread across the world in its ~10,000 years of human interference.

Today’s recipe came to us as follows:

Take a quarter pound of rice boyle it very tender,when you can make it small with the backside of a Spoone put as much milke to it as will make it pretty thin then with the fine flower make it of the thickest batter then put in 4 eggs and a quarter pound of melted butter beate it well and let it stand 12 howers before you fry.

With that in mind, we set to work! This was a fairly easy recipe to make, though it became difficult in the heat we are currently experiencing here in Newfoundland.


Remember, add a photo of your pancakes to the comments of this week’s recipe post on the Colony of Avalon’s Facebook page for a chance to win weekly and grand prizes.

This week’s prize is a book entitled “Tea Fit For a Queen” that includes many other dainty recipes for a lovely afternoon tea.

Deadline for this week’s entries is 11:59 pm, Monday, July 31, 2022.