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    Robert Hickey

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    Emlyn Tuck

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    Glenn Keough

    Received a Bachelor of Arts from Memorial University and masters in Military and Strategic Studies at the University of New Brunswick as well as coursework in Cultural Resource Management Diploma from the University of Victoria. For the last 20 years Glenn has worked for the Department of Tourism as an interpreter, special event co-ordinator, manager/curator, and provincial historic sites officer. He’s currently working with Parks Canada as Manager of National Historic Sites and Visitor Experience. Glenn is married with two children.

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    Dr. Barry Gaulton

    Barry Gaulton has worked at the Colony of Avalon’s archaeological site since 1991 when he worked under the direction of Dr. Jim Tuck. Barry is a valued asset with the Colony of Avalon and manages all archaeological activities at the site, including all field plans each season. Barry holds a B.A, M.A and Ph. D. in Archaeology from Memorial University and holds the position of Department Head with Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Archaeology Department. Barry’s past research projects have focused on life in Eastern North America and Newfoundland during the 17th century. His professional interests include historical archaeology, vernacular architecture, material culture, military archaeology, maritime archaeology, and transhumance.

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    Donna Teasdale

    Donna Teasdale was appointed Head Conservator at the Colony of Avalon during the 2007 field season. She oversees all conservation activities at the site including, laboratory operations, conservation treatments and collections management. Donna holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology/Archaeology and a Diploma in Heritage Resources from Memorial University of Newfoundland as well as a Diploma in Collections Conservation and Management from Sir Sandford Fleming College. She has extensive experience in archaeological conservation in both Newfoundland and Maryland.

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    Interpretative Staff

    The interpretative Staff currently includes two Tour Guides, two Historical Interpreters and a Heritage Gardener. Our Tour Guides provide walking tours of the archaeology site as well as the interpretation center, three reproduction gardens, and conservation laboratory. The Historical Interpreters provide demonstrations of 17th century life in our reproduction kitchen. This experience includes period costumes and historic cooking. The Heritage Gardener maintains our three on site gardens including the Kitchen Garden, Herb Garden, and Gentleman’s Garden. All Interpretive staff ensures that visitors have an enjoyable and informative experience during their stay.

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    Archaeological field and laboratory staff

    The Colony of Avalon employs archaeological field and laboratory staff each season. These staff members work under the supervision of Dr. Barry Gaulton of Memorial University’s Archaeology Department. The field and laboratory crew are from the town of Ferryland or surrounding area and many of whom have been working on site since the early 1990s when extensive excavations began. The crew is complimented each year by summer students including a conservation intern, field assistants, and lab assistants. Some of the duties conducted by the field crew include excavation and recording, as well as stabilization of the site. The laboratory crew is responsible for the processing and cataloguing of all artifacts excavated from the site.

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    Michael J. Harrington

    Mike joined the Board in 2014. He is a Newfoundlander-by-choice, who moved to the Southern Shore from the United States in 2012 with his wife, a native Newfoundlander. He is now a dual Canadian and US citizen. He has a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from Manhattan College in the US and had worked for more than 42 years at a private Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering firm in the US. During his career he did two stints as the vice-president of Engineering and retired as the company’s Chief Marine Engineer. He continues to provide consulting services to a client in the US. He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and previously served for many years on the Scholarship Committee of the American Society of Naval Engineers.

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    Jane Costello, PHD

    Jane has had a keen interest in the community, and the historical Colony of Avalon in particular, as far back as she can remember. She grew up hearing stories of the Colony from her family. Her ancestors on her father’s side have lived in Ferryland for centuries. Portions of the Colony property were acquired from Jane’s family to pursue archaeological work and research that has lead to the current living archaeological site, the dig. Jane holds a doctorate in Research and Technology Enhanced LEarning from Lancaster University, UK. Jane resides in St. John’s where she works at Memorial University.

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    David L. Hearn

    David is originally from Renews, and his interest in archeology began while in high school when he volunteered on a project in his home community headed by Steve Mills. David later worked as a field assistant on the dig at Fort Townshend in St. John’s, and is excited to have the opportunity now to contribute to a program that is so important to not only Ferryland, but the Southern Shore and the province. David currently resides in St. John’s and is a solicitor with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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    Laura Tuck

    Laura has a very special appreciation for the Colony of Avalon as it was a favourite of her late father, Dr. James Tuck. She is encouraged to try and keep his vision of what the site could become. She is particularly interested in the re-beautification of the Gentleman’s Garden due to her background in Landscape Design and Contracting, and has spearheaded the majority of the work on the garden to date. Laura lived and worked in New England where she obtained an Associate of Science in Landscape Contracting from the University of Massachusetts. Amherst MA 1997, BSc in Communication Disorders 2002 from UNH Durham, NH and in 2007 graduated with a BSc in Nursing from USM Portland, ME. Laura currently lives in St. John’s, NL.

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    Kate Pitcher

    Kate has been Executive Director of the Colony of Avalon since 2022. Having completed her education in Archaeology at Memorial University, she began her career in the museum field in 2019. Using her experience in all aspects of the heritage industry, Kate is working towards making the Colony of Avalon a destination for visitors and locals alike to learn about the history of the site and a glimpse at life for early settlers in Newfoundland.

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  • We had a wonderful visit!

    We had a wonderful visit! Lulu and Lori were so knowledgeable and kind. The made us feel like family.
  • You aren’t done exploring NL if this isn’t on your list!

    Really knowledgeable + fun tour guides. you aren't done exploring NL, if this isn't on your list. We got a family pass which averaged out to $14 p/p which is amazing value- considering all the knowledge the tour guides would have learnt to present it in a easily digestiable way for tourists, well done!
  • I was fascinated by this history

    The Museum Center is very easy to get to just off the main road. The people are phenomenally polite. The museum admission price is reasonable and the staff has done an amazing job put together the history of the site. The combination of artefacts and document research shows a vibrant community of various faiths living together in a new land. As someone from Maryland I was fascinated by this history and the connection of Maryland to this place. Go - it is worth the time and energy.
  • Very cool active archaeological site

    Very cool active archaeological site with tons of interesting history on the settlement and power struggles of NFLD. Walking through the cobblestone paths was a treat, and the sweeping shorelines and waves are amazing to enjoy. Would recommend a visit for sure when travelling along the Irish loop!
  • One of the best places to visit…

    We completed the Irish Loop and stopped in for a visit to explore the artifacts and items on display. This was one of our best places to visit on the Irish Loop.
  • So fascinating!

    And the walk up to the lighthouse was worth it! The museum there, the ladies were very helpful and shared some very cool stories and full of knowledge! I’m jealous of where they live and their jobs. History is just so fascinating for this tiny little area on the planet, you won’t be let down by coming here just to see it first hand. It’s a small little museum but very interesting!
    Scott H.

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Cutest thing in the lab. We have such a great team every year 🥰
Happy Halloween from us here at the colony 🎃 may your hauntings be merry 👻
Spending some time in the collections with the Bellarmine pieces.
Perfect sunny day to see the colony from the east coast trail ☀️🍁
A very quiet kitchen here in the off season.
Last day for most of our team until next year. Saying goodbye to sunny days in the lab (at least for now ☀️).