Was There A Connection?

20 Aug

Studying at MUN completing her Masters in Archeology is Emma Lewis-Sing. This summer, Emma has committed a lot of her time studying soil samples from in and around the Beothuk fire pit features. Back in the early 16th century, before the Europeans inhabited Ferryland, there were traces of the Beothuk living on the shoreline of Ferryland. Our archeologists have found arrow points, bones of small animals and fish, as well as small grape seeds, plant seeds and tree needles. Emma has been studying these seeds and needles to try and determine if there was a connection between the Beothuk and the migratory fishermen. What makes this theory intriguing is that the grape seeds found within and around the fire pits are not native to Newfoundland. Emma is also looking at the plant material from Beothuk contexts to investigate indigenous presence in Ferryland. Was there a face to face contact between the two? The research continues until we can make that discovery.