Maryanne Boland – Executive Director

Maryanne joined the Colony of Avalon as Executive Director in 2015. A graduate of Memorial University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, she has a background in Operations and Financial Management.

Maryanne is from Calvert and worked as a Field, Lab and Garden assistant at the Colony of Avalon during her high school and university years and is excited to be back at the Colony in a management role.



Dr. Barry Gaulton – Chief Archaeologist

Barry Gaulton has worked at the Colony of Avalon’s archaeological site since 1991 when he worked under the direction of Dr. Jim Tuck. Barry is a valued asset with the Colony of Avalon and manages all archaeological activities at the site, including all field plans each season. Barry holds a B.A, M.A and Ph. D. in Archaeology from Memorial University and holds the position of Department Head with Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Archaeology Department. Barry’s past research projects have focused on life in Eastern North America and Newfoundland during the 17th century. His professional interests include historical archaeology, vernacular architecture, material culture, military archaeology, maritime archaeology, and transhumance.



Donna Teasdale – Head Conservator

Donna Teasdale was appointed Head Conservator at the Colony of Avalon during the 2007 field season. She oversees all conservation activities at the site including, laboratory operations, conservation treatments and collections management. Donna holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology/Archaeology and a Diploma in Heritage Resources from Memorial University of Newfoundland as well as a Diploma in Collections Conservation and Management from Sir Sandford Fleming College. She has extensive experience in archaeological conservation in both Newfoundland and Maryland.



Interpretive Staff

The interpretative Staff currently includes two Tour Guides, two Historical Interpreters and a Heritage Gardener. Our Tour Guides provide walking tours of the archaeology site as well as the interpretation center, three reproduction gardens, and conservation laboratory. The Historical Interpreters provide demonstrations of 17th century life in our reproduction kitchen. This experience includes period costumes and historic cooking. The Heritage Gardener maintains our three on site gardens including the Kitchen Garden, Herb Garden, and Gentleman’s Garden. All Interpretive staff ensures that visitors have an enjoyable and informative experience during their stay.


Archaeological Field and Laboratory Staff

The Colony of Avalon employs archaeological field and laboratory staff each season. These staff members work under the supervision of Dr. Barry Gaulton of Memorial University’s Archaeology Department. The field and laboratory crew are from the town of Ferryland or surrounding area and many of whom have been working on site since the early 1990s when extensive excavations began. The crew is complimented each year by summer students including a conservation intern, field assistants, and lab assistants. Some of the duties conducted by the field crew include excavation and recording, as well as stabilization of the site. The laboratory crew is responsible for the processing and cataloguing of all artifacts excavated from the site.