Raise the Roof!

29 Aug

Twenty-Seven years! That’s how many Neil Jordan has been with the Colony of Avalon and he wouldn’t have it any other way.  Neil has a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology minor in History and works out on the excavation site for the summer months loving every minute of it.  Currently, Neil is working with the roof slate.  To record each piece of slate, the process includes cataloguing the location, coordinates and event, then cleaning, describing and numbering each piece.  The example pictures of the roof below, show how the slate would have been laid back in the 17th century.

On another note…. We asked Neil out of all the years working here, what was the most exciting artifact that you have found?  His reply was that he had found a Beothuk arrow head from the 16th century.  Pretty amazing to find something over 500 years old!