14 Sep

The Colony of Avalon Foundation will be holding its 2019 Fiscal Year Virtual AGM on September 28, 2020 at 6:30 PM. Due to the virtual nature of the meeting, registration is required. To register, please email Coleen Crane at info@colonyofavalon.ca with your name and email address and the information  to join will be sent to … Continued

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Help Us Keep Digging!

22 Aug

A plumbing “mishap” in June set us back a bit this season. PLEASE help us get back on track. It’s easy: 1. Head to https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/m/42262/donation 2. Choose a preset amount, enter one of your own, or select a monthly donation 3. Bask in the glow of your good deed that helps us to keep digging. … Continued

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Silver Coin

20 Aug

This William III silver sixpence was found in a midden outside of the Colony palisade. The date 16_6 is partially visible, likely 1696. Under the bust of William III, we can see a letter “Y”. This indicates where the coin was minted, as there were several branch mints in England that produced this coin. The … Continued

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Mouth Harp

19 Aug

This Mouth Harp is a small musical instrument used in the 17th century.  It would have been held between the player’s teeth or against the lips and plucked with one or more fingers.  Several mouth harps have been found at the Colony, usually with the tongue missing.  This harp was found in a midden (refuse … Continued

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Bale Seal

15 Aug

Known as a lead cloth Bale Seal, this artifact could have been used for several purposes.  It clearly depicts a thistle and the letter “C” representing Charles I showing when and where the goods were produced.  When items were shipped to Ferryland, the seal was used to tag items mainly cloth as it was very … Continued

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Conservation Lab

8 Aug

The lab crew are in full swing this season. The structure outside the colony and middens are proving to be rich with artifacts. Why not stop by the Colony and get a full view!

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Colony Day August 4th, 2019

31 Jul

Colony Day August 4th is soon upon us. Come out to the Colony of Avalon this Sunday for a fun filled day. We have an interactive Fairy Rescue by NewfoundlandLand and coloring contest for the kids plus more! Local artist Debra Barnable will be showing us some of her painting skills and Dr. Barry Gaulton … Continued

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Tortoise Shell Handles

29 Jul

The Colony of Avalon had the pleasure of hosting the Strauss family.  Ron Strauss and his children Gemma, Thomas and Caroline participated in the Dig Program for a week.  Amongst many of the artifacts found, Gemma unearthed two beautiful 17th-century tortoise shell handles.  These handles may have encased a blade or lancet.  In the 1600s, … Continued

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