Harvest Time!

31 Aug

Roddy has been working diligently all summer long making sure the crops are nurtured, watered and fed all the right ingredients.  A beautiful summer of warm humid weather is also a big contributor to helping make our kitchen garden bloom.  We asked Roddy what’s your secret to making the garden look so good?  He said, … Continued

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Raise the Roof!

29 Aug

Twenty-Seven years! That’s how many Neil Jordan has been with the Colony of Avalon and he wouldn’t have it any other way.  Neil has a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology minor in History and works out on the excavation site for the summer months loving every minute of it.  Currently, Neil is working with the … Continued

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Outside the Colony

21 Aug

Discovered in an area outside of the 17th century village, this iron artifact was excavated using a block lift technique.  To preserve the integrity of the artifact it was wrapped with layers of gauze which were then coated with melted wax.  Once the wax hardened, the artifact could be removed safely from the ground.  Once … Continued

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Was There A Connection?

20 Aug

Studying at MUN completing her Masters in Archeology is Emma Lewis-Sing. This summer, Emma has committed a lot of her time studying soil samples from in and around the Beothuk fire pit features. Back in the early 16th century, before the Europeans inhabited Ferryland, there were traces of the Beothuk living on the shoreline of … Continued

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Earthenware Comparisons

17 Aug

If you happened to take a tour of our dig this summer, you may have had the pleasure of meeting one of our grad students. In a room, just right of the conservation laboratory is JD Archer. JD is studying at MUN working on his Masters in Historical Archeology with a 5-year undergraduate from Simon … Continued

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What A Find!

7 Aug

Check out this nifty little hygienic instrument used back in the 17th century.  Can you guess what it was used for?  (Hint!)  It’s said that it could be used to clean three different parts of the body.  The hook in the center was meant to connect it to a chain so that it could hang … Continued

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Digging is Fun!

2 Aug

Our very own Krista McNeil who works at the Colony of Avalon decided on her day off to come in and Dig for an Hour. Her and her cousin Donna had a wonderful time with the Dig for an Hour Program. After digging, they got to sift through the rest to find more items. They … Continued

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